Pagespeed insights web page performance test and analysis tool

Google Page Speed ​​Insight (PSI) is a tool designed to optimize web pages on all devices and increase web page loading speed. Google Chrome plug-in that can analyze the speed of webpage opening. Through the analysis of the PageSpeed ​​Insights plug-in and corresponding optimization suggestions, website developers can find out the bottleneck of website speed and optimize the website accordingly to bring users better users. Experience.
PageSpeed ​​Insights has a wired version (it may need to be turned over, it has not been successfully tested) and a plug-in version (as well as API and SDK). The plug-in version is also divided into Google Chrome browser and Firefox browser.
The Chrome extension of PageSpeed ​​Insights is a plugin developed by Google that can analyze all aspects of page loading, including resources, network, DOM, timeline and other information. After installation, it will be attached to Developer Tools. . So after installation, you only need to right-click on the page-review the element, you can see PageSpeed ​​in the last tab.
How to use: Click “Analyze” and the analysis result will be given after a while.
What is the use of PageSpeed ​​Insights?
Optimized caching-let your application data and logic completely avoid using the network
Reduce response time-reduce the number of request-response cycles
Reduce request size-reduce upload size
Reduce the size of the payload-reduce the size of the response, download and cache pages
Optimize browser rendering-improve browser page layout
PageSpeed ​​Insights plugin considerations
1. The PageSpeed ​​Insights plugin can only analyze the opening speed of the current website and give corresponding optimization suggestions, but cannot directly help the user to improve the opening speed of the website. These operations require the user to optimize the website program or server according to the prompts of PageSpeed ​​Insights.
2. The PageSpeed ​​Insights plug-in will exist in the Developer Tools tab of Chrome. There are other website debugging features in Chrome Developer Tools. Users can try to use them and develop a more perfect website.

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