Keyword search analysis ranking tool-SEMRush

Amazon keyword search analysis ranking tool, ranking factor research, keyword grouping management, a website specialized in search engine optimization and search engine marketing services.

SEMRush includes the following related functions:

Ranking status

Find the ranking of all websites; find the ranking of all subdomains; find the ranking of all specific pages; find the ranking of all URLs containing specific words / phrases; find the pages ranked in a certain position; find the ranking and in other countries / regions All the above information; find historical ranking data; find the estimated traffic history of the website.

Keyword status

Find the ranking of specific keywords; provide keyword selection suggestions; find keywords with a specific search volume; find keywords with / without specific words; find keywords with a specific number of words.

Inner chain / outer chain status

Find backlinks for the entire site; find all backlinks for specific subdomains; find all backlinks for specific subdomains; find backlinks for specific pages; find the number of backlinks on the source URL; find backlinks Estimated age; find specific backlinks, anchor text; find / exclude image backlinks; find / exclude nofollow backlinks; find / exclude backlinks for specific referral domains; find / exclude specific domain name monkeys (eg: .gov); analyze backlinks by IP address; find backlinks for specific IPs; analyze web sites in batches.

Competitor status

At the same time detect the changes in the keyword positions of your own website and competitors’ websites; find out who your search competitors are; use tags to group keywords; compare the performance of websites on different devices.

Site SEO status

Use SEO analysis tools to check the health of the website; website SEO optimization issues that need to be considered and resolved first; track SEO optimization progress; find and fix hreflang errors; check HTTPS to ensure website security; detect AMP problems; / Page analysis and provide content suggestions; how competitors use keywords; analyze the readability and text length analysis of website content; analyze Google ranking factors that affect website ranking; provide page SEO optimization suggestions; website log file analysis ; Check all business contact information; Publish business information in authoritative directory; Edit business directory information at one time.

Advertising research

SEMrush’s Advertising Research-Advertising Research Report on SEMrush provides users with paid search keywords and ads and Google Adwords ran a wealth of data and analysis. Run research or keywords in any domain, and include relevant indicators such as tolled traffic, CPC, and degree of competition.

social media

Discover competitors ’social media strategies; measure your social performance; discover the best content; arrange and post to five social networks; use“ fast push posts ”helpers to expand your Facebook coverage; built-in image editor, links Shorter and UTM builder; Chrome extension is available.

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