How to improve Google website ranking?

Keyword abuse

Google has been actively cracking down on and punishing websites that abuse keywords. The Google BERT algorithm update proves that Google can now understand the content, even better than humans. The algorithm update mainly focuses on the understanding of natural language. Therefore, Google can better understand whether the content is natural and whether it was written by a man. The content should be written in a natural way, similar to the way people talk in real life, and the use of keywords should be kept at about 2% -3%,  to avoid being punished by Google.

improve website raning
improve website raning

Do n’t hide content or have too much duplicate content

Google focuses on the transparency of content. It does not want you to hide content  to improve the ranking of the website  to try to get through. Many SEO people will adopt some methods, such as making the text of the page the same color as the background color of the page. Although they may think that this helps to improve the ranking, this may result in Google ‘s punishment. Use Google as transparently as possible and only include high-quality content.
Duplicate content can make pages that contain the same content on multiple pages unindexed, which means your pages will not be displayed. Second, you may be punished for posting your content in multiple places.

Spam link

Another way to avoid being punished by Google is not to use so-called spam links, many sites have used spam links. In this case, people think that links are helpful for SEO optimization, so they add links to their websites manually or through automated platforms. However, users do not like these spam links, spam links will be marked by Google, and sites that use spam links will be punished.


Hidden pages mean that websites and pages try to use “black hat” SEO technology to show users and Google different websites to deceive Google, which is done by redirecting links. Google will penalize websites that do this because Google wants to ensure that users will not be redirected to a completely irrelevant website that fails to provide the required information after clicking a link.

Excessive use of anchor text

Excessive use of anchor text or incorrect distribution of anchor text can affect website ranking. Excessive use of anchor text is one of the more common reasons for being punished by Google. The anchor text is the actual text that the user clicks to direct to other pages or websites. Google wants all links to be natural and direct people to the information they want.

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