How to get higher website ranking in search engine?

Publish authoritative content

Google tries to provide users with useful and relevant content. Your content should grab the reader ’s attention and provide real value. If your content is excellent and written by authoritative people, then it will automatically get more traffic. If not, then over time, people will be disappointed with it, and Google will realize that your content is not good enough to get a high ranking.

Use of keywords

Keywords are the best way to show the relevance of Google content, so keywords rank higher. When it comes to keywords, if your keywords are not relevant to your page content, you wo n’t be ranked.

Improve ranking
Improve ranking

When you try to show Google the relevance of content, it is recommended not to use the same keywords multiple times on the same page. Instead, try to consciously replace other related keywords, which are similar and semantically related. These are called LSI keywords, and there are online tools that can provide you with some of these keywords.

Keyword research

Keyword research allows you to find words that people are searching for that can solve practical problems.

Residence time

The time a visitor stays on your site is also an SEO ranking factor, which will help your page rank higher.

To improve this metric, the first question you should ask when creating new content is: How do you prevent searchers from pressing the back button? A good way to prevent this from happening is to demonstrate your knowledge of the product and business.

You can achieve this through blogs, calculators, quizzes, pictures, charts, etc. The more attractive the content that readers see, the longer they stay on your website, then the stronger and more valuable your website is to Google.

Related content

If your keywords have nothing to do with the content of your page, you will not get a higher search engine ranking, and the content management system can make it easier for you to organize content publishing plans around target keywords. Publishing more content is not all. Sometimes you have to focus on optimizing what you already have.


Backlinks are more relevant to search engine optimization rankings than any other factor.

The following are the steps to effectively use backlinks: handle website page optimization, focus on high-quality link building, and utilize content

Methods of using content include: guest posting, social mention, influencer marketing, link reuse

Optimization of anchor text

The anchor text refers to the phrase connected to the link.

The general rule of thumb for anchor text is to make them relevant to the content on the page and the page that links them. Similarly, as with keyword optimization, the key is content relevance, which will satisfy users and Google web crawlers.

User experience

Ensuring that visitors to your site have a high-quality user experience will help your site rank higher on search engines. As shown in the following figure, it shows all the elements that create a positive user experience and provides visitors with the information they are searching for.

● Page loading speed: 40% of web visitors will leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load;

● Mobile friendliness: Mobile-first index and Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP: accelerated mobile pages) indicate that mobile is Google ’s priority. Mobile-first indexing means that Google will prioritize site rankings based on your visitors ’mobile experience, rather than ranking them based on their desktops as Google has done before. Following a simple mobile-friendly test, it is easier to follow mobile priorities.

● Optimize internal link structure: After optimization, visitors can see more sites. It also helps web crawlers discover more indexable content.

● SSL / TLS certificate: Google said before that HTTPS is a ranking signal. In addition, it can also ensure data security.

● Click Rate (CTR): This means the ratio of the number of people who click on a link to the number of times the link appears. You can improve the CTR by optimizing the page title and meta description. Among them, the meta description is a summary of the page content.

You can also increase the click-through rate by including a knowledge graph panel and web page summary. The web page summary describes the structured data markup that website owners can add to their HTML, which allows search engines to better understand the information on the page. Web page summaries and architectural tags will greatly enhance your content.

According to Google Representatives in the past, this will affect your ranking, because the more people click on the link, the higher the ranking.

Social signals

There are too many social signals that are potential ranking factors. The following are the main dimensions worth your time and consideration.

On the website, social signals mainly like, share, comment, etc. These things can help users determine the value of the content, and whether others also think it is valuable.

Social signals also appear in the form of contacts. Google crawlers use Facebook and Twitter links as if they were regular backlinks used to send signals. But on their own, they are not necessarily regarded as ranking factors, but instead they show relevance and help Google discover indexable content.

Google crawlable URL

You want Google robots to go to your page and learn about your content, visual effects, videos, embedded code, or any other content on the web so they can put it in the web index. If you want to rank higher in search engines, confirm the URL that Google can crawl. This is the key.

Investigate SERP

Check the search engine results page (SERP) to see what search-related content Google has found.

By looking at the rankings of other pages on SERP, you can find missing parts of information that others have not filled in. Fill gaps with your creative content and replace your existing keyword ranking positions.

Meta description and title tags

Usually, meta descriptions are included in search engine optimization rankings, as are the title tags. Although Google may truncate the URL, it is still used in code snippets and other elements.

This code snippet is very important for SEO work, because it determines how the results are displayed in search engines, which determines whether people want to click on your link or someone else ’s link.

The key to optimizing code snippets is to conduct keyword research and provide relevant keywords for the code snippets.

Optimized website speed ranking higher

Internet speed is very important, it is a ranking signal and user experience factor.

In order to adapt to these fast sites, Google hopes that your site can be loaded in 3 seconds.

You can use Google’s page speed test to check your page speed.

Voice search

Have you tried using Siri, Echo or Assistant to make inquiries? As more and more people use the voice search function, voice search optimization is slowly becoming a must-do for every business. But how is it different from regular type queries?

According to relevant data from Google, voice search is growing faster than typing search, with 55% of teenagers and 40% of adults using voice search every day.

The main difference between voice search queries and typed queries is that voice queries sound more natural and easier to talk to. This will require a completely different approach to keyword research and optimization.

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