Google Search Console webmaster tools essential artifact

Search Console is a free webmaster tool under the search engine Google. By registering and verifying the domain name of a website, it can help website owners and website administrators to monitor the changing trends of website visitors over time at different levels, and accurately point out the causes The problems and causes of the drop in traffic.
It can intuitively see some click display data of the website in the search engine, as well as other management functions provided by the tool, and can also receive some prompts or notification information from the search engine on the website detection, which is better and better. The performance of the management site in the search engine is also a necessary tool for each webmaster and website SEOer.

Google Search Console
Google Search Console

Use Google Search Console to track your site ’s ranking in search results and browse more webmaster resources. It is used to detect various information of the website in the Google search engine, and is used for daily analysis and inspection of the website or other websites and deeper data understanding.
Its functions mainly include:
Website data tracking: Google Search Console can help you analyze the performance of websites in Google search results. You can see how often your site appears in Google related searches.
Website content optimization: This tool can easily identify the content of different pages of a website. You can quickly solve these problems according to the recommendations of Google Search Console. After optimization, you can ask Google to re-index the revised page.
Website indexing alarm: Google Search Console’s built-in quick indexing function can give real-time alarms to a series of problems at the target site during Google’s inclusion process. Index coverage refers to the data that a website is included in and indexed by a search engine after updating its content. Only after a website is included and indexed is it eligible to be displayed by search engines.
Improve website performance: Google Search Console can easily introduce new elements to your website and ensure that they function properly. These elements include mobile page acceleration and structured data. The former is very important for mobile phones; the latter can help your website get the SERP qualification of selected fragments and Rich Result in Google.
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages, Accelerated Mobile Pages) is also an optimization factor that is gradually gaining importance after Google launched the mobile priority index. The report provided by Search Console can help you correct errors and allow your AMP pages to be displayed smoothly on Google search results. , And present the unique functions of AMP.
“Sitemap”: Sending a sitemap to a search engine is very useful. It can make it easier and faster to track your web pages, thereby improving your search engine optimization. With Google Search Console, you can send sitemaps very easily.
The new version of Search Console is completely rebuilt from scratch, and is designed to provide website owners and search engine optimization (SEO) service providers with the tools and data insights they have longed for. Now, you can not only confirm which of your pages have been indexed, learn how to fix the indexing problem, but also use the relevant data reported in the past 16 months (so that you can compare the data of this year and the same period last year) to monitor your How the site appears in Google search results.

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