Google keyword query analysis tool


Keyword analysis: You can see the overall analysis of keywords, such as vocabulary comparison, related keywords and advertising history, the difficulty of keywords, organic search volume, which country is under this type of keyword The most effort, the trend of keywords, and even which websites are ranked first, etc.

Website analysis: traffic estimation, ranking keywords, competitor surveys, external link analysis, etc., are all very important functions for seo and sem.

SeoStack Keyword Tool

A fast and easy to use long tail keyword generator tool. It can generate 1000 competition, long-tail keywords from multiple different search engines. You can get long-tail keywords from Google, amazon, Bing, ebay, youtube channels, or you can directly export long-tail keywords.

This is very useful for reference and reference for doing long-tail keyword optimization and expanding ads Key words.

SERPstat (

Similar to Semrush, the function is also very powerful, you can analyze keywords, long-tail keywords and website analysis.
Search suggestion, compare the keywords that are related to the keywords you searched in order to combine the long-term keyword groups.

Keyword tool dominator

Combining consumer keywords of Google, Amazon, Youtube, Bing, eBay, Google Shopping, and Etsy, it must be installed with browser-related extensions before it can be used, while the free plan only uses 3 sets of keywords per day The software is also disassembled.

The information found based on the search engine results will be sorted alphabetically to help you categorize your keywords. Can help you to grasp the future product trends, and lead your competitors, through consumer search preferences as the strength of this tool.

UberSuggest (

Long tail keyword artifacts and website analysis, when you enter keywords, it will tell you search volume and Seo diffculty. Paid difficulty and Estimated CPC.

You can also enter the domain name to analyze the performance of the website, such as Organic kws, organic monthly traffic, domain score and backlinks, seo kws ranking, etc. It can be said that it is very very detailed for analyzing a website.

 Soolve (

You can see the results of different search engines at once. You can choose your own search engine replacement. You can run up to 15 search engine search results at a time (and 7 and 11 options).

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