Backlink analysis tool AHREFS

Backlink analysis tool is one of the largest link indexes in the world (updated daily), including Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keyword explorer and other tools, with great features and functions, including uninterrupted SEO monitoring, web page ranking tracking , Specific keywords and content research.

Backlink analysis tool
Backlink analysis tool

Common Functions
UR-Website URL page rating, Ahrefs measures the value of URL weight, 1-100. The greater the value of URL Rating, the higher the weight or ranking of the URL may be, and the higher the site trust.
DR-Reverse link domain name rating, Ahrefs measures the weight of the domain name, 1-100. The larger the value of Domain Rating, the greater the quality and quantity of external links to its own site, and the higher the weight or ranking of domain names may be.
Ahrefs Rank – Ahrefs rank, Ahrefs ranking of domain names. This indicator is ranked according to the number of external links you query. The more external links, the higher the ranking in Ahrefs.
Backlinks-the total number of external links of URLs or domain names. The more external links, the higher the index.
Referring Page – related page. The number of pages that a hyperlink points to a URL or domain name. A page can have multiple links.
Referring Domains-related websites. The number of unique domain names that a hyperlink points to a URL or domain name. A domain name can have multiple reference pages and backlinks. This is different from backlinks. Backlink refers to the number of all external links, and referring refers to statistically related websites, which removes multiple external links under the same domain name.
Referring Content – ​​Ahrefs measures the relative traffic that a unique content sends to a given URL based on the popularity of the referring content.
Anchors-Anchor text of external links, keywords of external links of websites.
Sitewide / Not Sitewide – Ahrefs categorizes the link and displays its location on each page that references the domain name.
Fresh Index / Live Index – Live Index – contains all the “live” (live) links; Fresh Index – contains all the links Ahrefs has crawled in the past 3 months (including those that have been in the most recent re-crawl) Death “link).
Orangic keywords-Keywords for natural search.
Organic traffic-organic traffic. This value is Ahrefs’ estimated monthly index for a website.
Traffic value-Traffic estimate. This value is Ahrefs’ estimate of the traffic that he may bring in all keywords within a month, or the estimated value.
Whether analyzing your own website or analyzing competitors’ websites, Ahrefs can provide almost any data you want. But we should pay attention to that the data is only for our reference, the tool is only auxiliary, in order to get a good ranking, we must do a good job of content and work hard on user experience.

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